Updates #1: The Team Blog

by Hamlet on October 27, 2011

Fellow Danes! At last, our blog spot is operational! The Hamlet Live team has been working hard to get everything ready for our full transmedia campaign, and we’re quite happy with the response we’ve been getting from people in the community. Like we’ve been saying from the beginning: we can’t change the world alone, and it’s only with the support of the online community that we can triumph over oblivion, and truly effect some change. Alright, “something too much of this,” as Hamlet says to Horatio after a particularly ‘bromantic’ moment.

So. What have we been up to? Swounds. What haven’t we been up to?

In the world of union affairs: we’re still negotiating our co-op status with CAEA, but we’re quite confident that an agreement will be reached rather soon that is beneficial to everyone involved, and to the Canadian Actor community as a whole. We haven’t begun preliminary talks with ACTRA yet, but the chatter around town suggests that we should be able to work something out to everyone’s benefit. We have to remember that much of this is entirely new territory for our unions, and that everyone has to be flexible because live streaming is without a doubt, the future of live performance.

In the world of production: we’ve managed to get a good read under our belt and have zero concern for the calibre of performance to be expected. This, even in the professional world, is a rarity. There is no miscasting, there are no weak links. This guarantees that rehearsals will be pure joy, and that is treat in of itself. Kevin Robinson and Kyle McDonald have already begun plotting the great battle at the end of the play, and while most of the details are secret, they have revealed that the name of the pageant sport that has been invented for this show shall be called Blood Falls. They won’t tell us any more than that, but I’m sure they’ll let slip a few more details over the next few weeks.

In the world of Transmedia: All materials for the 6 cinematic Hamlet Live trailers that will take us into the new year have been shot, and editing has begun. The music of Erica Procunier will underscore these mini-movies edited and captured by Yoann Malnati. Our website at hamletlive.com is nearing completion, while our Twitter account (hamletlive2012), Facebook page (Hamlet Live), and YouTube Channel (hamletlive2012) have all been launched and are now stacked with the first two trailers and a bunch of pics. Our indiegogo page (www.indiegogo.com/Hamlet-Live) is up and active, and we already have a bunch of sponsors! There is still more work to be done however, as our goal is to raise $12,000.

In the world of the Live Stream: The captain of the Stream Team, Justin Ferrato, has been diligently compiling a list of personnel and equipment needed to stream Hamlet Live. The list is impressive, and also daunting when one calculates the dollar value, but we’re confident that the merit of what we’re doing will sway those with the means to help us make this happen. We want to be able to deliver as superior a product as possible, and with Justin at the helm, we’re pretty sure we’re going to get what we want, which means, everybody wins. And who doesn’t love victory?

So what’s next?: Now that our blog spot is up, the members of the Hamlet Live team will be posting with insights about character, to ideas about design concepts, so check back in frequently for our new content! We’re excited about being able to share all of this, and if you’re as excited as we are, don’t be afraid to share us too! Only together can we make all this happen and achieve our goal of changing the world!

Until the next update! Adieu from the Hamlet Live team!

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