The Hamlet Live team have decided to cast defiance to the “way things used to be” and take a daring step into the world of “the way things will be,” by assembling a team of some of the best actors, designers and technicians out there to help make this vision a reality. All of the members of the Hamlet Live team will be keeping regular blogs and video logs of what it is they’re working on, how, and why. Peer into the minds of the actors, look at the inspirations behind the costumes, or peruse the behind the scenes materials. Because everyone on board Hamlet Live is working for free, we want to show the world just how much effort we go through to make an amazing product, because, it is only with the goodwill of the people of the world that we can bring our vision of live performance without boundaries to everyone, regardless of their location.



Director: Kurt Spenrath

Hamlet: Kyle McDonald
Claudius: Ralph Small
Gertrude: Suzanne Bennett
Polonius: Scott McCulloch
Laertes: Kevin Robinson
Ophelia: Erynn Brook
Horatio: Luke Marty
Rosencrantz: Devin Upham
Guildenstern: Phil Borg

Stage Manager: Lindsey Alston
Technical Director: Travis Lahay
Head of Video and Projections: Jon Epstein
Head of Sound: Jon Epstein
Music Mix and Mastering: Gary Honess
Production Manager: Travis Lahay


Costume & Set Design: Lindsey Alston
Lighting Design: Travis Lahay
Fight Choreography: Kevin Robinson
Silk Choreography: Max Toulch
Composers: Erica Procunier and Shin Kim
Sound FX Design: Kai Masaoka and Travis Lahay
Video Design and Editing: Liisa Donaldson
Graphic Design: Michael Turnbull
Mouse Trap Puppeteers: Kristi Ann Holt  & Robin Polfuss
Puppet Designer/Builder: Kristi Ann Holt
Photography: Christos Tsirbas
Website : Erynn Brook
Press Relations: Cassie Muise
Digital Media Manager: Josephine Cino


Digital Producer: Justin Ferrato
Associate Producer: Daisy Ranger
Director of Photography: Joyce Wong
Technical Director: James Hughes
Audio Mix/Design: Kai Masaoka
Live Switcher: Scott Ainsworth
Camera Operators: Adam Syrnyk, Briana Blades, Thilia Vijayan, Victoria Marrone, William Matthews.


Scripts Adapted and Directed by: Kyle McDonald
Edited by: Yoann Malnati
Music: Erica Procunier
DP/Steadicam: Yoann Malnati, @ French Connection Films
AC: Jeffrey Hicks
Location Sound: Derek Oxley
Sound Engineer: Gary Honess
Wardrobe: Lindsey Alston
Hair/Make-up: Indiana Allemang